High-quality raw materials for superior end-product performance.

Wide range of products and solutions for the construction
industry and other industries.


We offer additives to the market for formulations of cementitious derivatives, plasters, and others.

Adhesives and Sealants

Certified raw materials for high performance adhesives and sealants.


We act as an importer and supplier of various special chemical products
for Agribusiness.

Personal Care

MC Química offers cellulosic thickeners from the KOLAGEL® and MORICELL® lines for this segment.

Home Care

MC Química offers the line POVYOL MC® Polyvinyl Alcohol and Cellulosic Thickeners KOLAGEL® to the household cleaning market.


Textile industries demand high quality products for application in finishing and textile auxiliaries.


We have developed a line of special additives to serve the Paint segment with excellence.

Chemistry at the Service of Innovation

MC Química serves clients established in the different states of the Federation, serving them according to their peculiarities.

Service and
Qualified Team

Logistics for


Better Performance
of Your Products

The expansion of a vision

Based on our extensive knowledge of chemical compounds and manufacturing
techniques, we continue to add innovative products and solutions for specific

The future is here!

Expand horizons with our revolutionary line! Cutting-edge technology, innovation that inspires. Our commitment is to transform your experience, offering products that raise standards and exceed expectations.